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I am always baking cakes and delicious (although not always etiquette) family favourites. I like gymnastics but I am much better at hurdles. I have written with a fountain pen and ink before and I thought it would be just like writing with a pen but now I know it is a lot more difficult than that. At school I have learnt to never shut off opportunities that pass me. I am a quiet worker and I like learning about The House of Representatives and The Senate. On Saturday mornings I play tennis and I am usually player 2. I don’t have any allergies, but I have a very slight sensitivity to lactose. In Winter I have an open fireplace which keeps me very warm. I play the piano and the trumpet but I would like to learn the xylophone. Yeast is something that is always in my kitchen cupboard because I like baking bread. I also learn mandarin and I have learnt the 12 zodiac animals. This year is 2016 so it is the year of the monkey.

  1. Hi Georgie,
    You are a very good writer. I also play tennis too.I am not allergic to anything. I really like your avatar, it is really nice and welcoming. I am also a quiet worker and I like the House of Representatives and The Senate. If you want to look at my blog here is my url @http://5-2-2-2dominrolla5404.blogspot.com/. I really enjoy reading your blog and keep blogging and writing.


  2. Hi Georgie,
    It’s strange to think that somebody across the globe has so much in common with me! I play tennis too! I recently found that it will be a sport that I will enjoy for the rest of my life. I have been playing piano for nine years now and I have actually written a few pieces myself. I’m also learning another language, but it is Spanish. I cannot wait to read so many more of your posts. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Levi!
      I am very keen to get to know more about you.
      Would you mind including the URL to your blog next time you comment?


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