Research Summary


Area – What part of the diamond does this fall under?

My idea falls under the area of Robotics and Technology.


Problem – Outline what the issue is.

How can we easily and quickly move furniture from one room to another when it is too big and heavy to carry through a doorway?


Impact – Who would benefit from a solution?

Busy families who are moving house or completing renovations.


Ideas – Do creative ideas or possible solutions already spring to mind?

A possible solution to this problem might be a chute that uses a strong force to guide the furniture through it and into another room.


One Comment
  1. Dear Georgie, what a great idea we all having trouble with heavy furniture when moving. You sketch looks very interesting. I am guessing you are making a prototype for your project not a full size model. I can’t wait to watch this come to life. Love Mrs Kemp x

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